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What is Isha Hatha Yoga?

The Isha Hatha Yoga method takes a classical  approach to yoga meaning its a pure form with no innovations. As this is in line with how yoga was always taught in ancient times. This gives it the effectiveness and profundity that is slowly disappearing in modern day yoga.

From our experience this the most powerful way one can experience yoga and benefit from deep and lasting transformations to reach higher levels of ones potential. However, when something has the power to transform ones life, it needs to be handled with a certain discipline too.


The Classical Approach – Taking Yoga Back to its Roots

The approach to teaching or offering Isha Hatha Yoga is quite different from most modern day yoga you see today. Most approaches to yoga is usually through weekly yoga classes where you join or turn up for an hour or so. With Isha Haha Yoga it works differently. Here you would generally attend a workshop first and learn the practice properly in its entirety. This lays the foundation to continue a regular practice as you will have what you need to practice by yourself at home.

If you really want the practice to become truly effective then it takes time as its not just about learning the practice but also increasing levels of your perception as you learn. There needs to be a level of developing the mind as well and applying it in a certain way. These more subtle aspects are which create the ability to experience the magic of yoga.

We also give you the option to attend regular sessions afterwards, so you will have that option as we hold scheduled regular sessions in our studio space if you wish to come and revisit the practice in an energised space with other people.


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